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October 2018

Happy October!!! October means the holidays are fast approaching. First, I would like to mention that the studio will be closed on Thursday 11/22/18 for Thanksgiving. If I am talking about Thanksgiving, then I must mention The Annual Turkey Burner Ride. Tomorrow, 10 /21/18 the registration opens for the 2-hour Turkey Burner ride that is held on Wednesday, 11/21/18 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. This event has always been very popular. Please register early if you are planning on attending. A barre class will be held on Wednesday, 11/21/18 at 4:30 p.m. to allow for the Cycling event.

We are working on SPIRIT week for the week of October 28, 2018 – November 3, 2018. Although I may not have all the details regarding the week, I can assure you we will be having a MONSTER good time on Wednesday, 10/31/18 to celebrate Halloween…Costumes are encouraged. We will also be using the week to find our FTP (Functional threshold Power) in the cycling classes. If you have already tested for your FTP, that is OK, we should test it again. If you are not interested, I get it, it is not required. This is your fitness studio and we are all striving for our own personal goals and although I may not act like it, I do know that, and I respect it.

Underground Cycling will be rolling out a Cycling challenge between 11/1/18 – 12/24/18. It is during this time I am hopeful we will have a chance to build our FTP in time for the New Year! Again, regardless if you know your starting FTP or not, we will all get stronger while having fun.

As some of you may have seen October 18th was Underground Cycling’s 4th year of business at 315 Derry Road, Hudson, NH. The success is from all of YOU!!! I appreciate every one of you for your continued support in Underground Cycling. Thank you for allowing me to help you with your fitness goals. I will be forever humbled and grateful.


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