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Dog Days of Summer

WOW.. August!!?!?? I am hopeful everyone is enjoying their summer. Yikes! Well while it is still summer... in an effort to spend some time with the family, the Underground Cycling studio will be closed Thursday, 8/5/21- Sunday 8/8/21 reopening Monday, 8/9/21. If you are a monthly member, I would like to invite you to take advantage of the "On-demand" classes that can be found on the website. I am already starting to plan for what we will be doing when I return so please use this time off to rest.

With that said, I would like to leave you with the following:

I would like to THANK YOU! I am not only grateful to all of you that are coming into classes, but also to all of those that are using the "Zoom" option for classes as far away as NY and to all those that I may not see at all but take classes via the recorded "on-demand" classes. I mentioned the other day that it is when I get notified that you signed up for a class that I am so very proud of you. As corny as that may sound, I am truly psyched that you decided to take a class and we get to work out together, or when I receive a text regarding an appreciation for an "on-demand class". I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the days that my zoomers come in for a "LIVE" class is a great day! As tough as things may have been, your perseverance and commitment to not only your own fitness goals but also to the Underground Cycling studio and community were undeterred. Simply, thank you.



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