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What Screen do you watch when Cycling

Before I begin, I would like to mention that this is my first blog post. It is meant to be a conversation starter and random thoughts and not evidence-based facts, yet. Just the random thoughts that help me build classes and fuel my own motivation. So here goes.

Are you riding one of the Keiser M3i bikes like those at the Underground Studio and if yes, do you sync it to the app? I have often said at the end of class the summary you receive gives you two different pieces of information. The numbers on the top half give you WHAT you did on the profile.

The graphs on the bottom half show you HOW you rode the profile.

Both of these halves give you very good information. If you are only looking at one, you are getting half of the picture. Your numbers may look great, but then when looking at the graphs, you may find you weren't as smooth or consistent you were trying to be. Maybe you missed the miles or watts/kg you were aiming for. Something that may help is the screen you are watching. All of your summary numbers are being generated by you as you ride the class. You can watch your numbers and different metrics on the various screens so that leads me to my question...What screen do you watch? Try watching a different screen and perhaps your outcome will be closer to your goals.



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