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FTP Calculation

Underground Cycling has really come a long way. We all started keeping track of our heart rates, with our Polar heart rate monitors. Next came the introduction of cadence (RPM) with the Wahoo Sensors. Finally, we got the Keiser M3i Series bikes that gave us not only the above mentioned metrics, but we also got POWER.

"If you don't understand the words I am saying, they don't apply to you" "Tempo", "Anaerobic Threshold". "VO2 MAX". All of these terms are used when referring to the zones you are riding during Cycling classes. The Keiser M series app provides a 30 minute test you can take to find your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). Although I recommend taking the test, I feel it is flawed in many ways. The first being it doesn't tell you how to actually take the test. With that said, Roger LaRochelle has found an article in the Bicycling Magazine that uses the following calculation to help you get a quick and easier way to find your FTP without taking the test.

In order to calculate your FTP, you will need to collect the average power from 5 indoor cycling classes. Add the average power number from these classes and then divide by 5 (your average power). Next multiply your average power by .95 to find your calculated FTP.

Again, I do recommend doing the FTP test, however, I believe using the above mentioned calculation will also help to arrive at a baseline FTP that will help you be more effective in your cycling classes. Thank you Roger for researching and sharing the information. I think I can speak for many members of the Underground community when I thank you for your help.


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